Volume 1 Jan-Mar 2019
Media Designs awarded by Oerlikon for impeccable Service and commitment
Satisfied clients are our goal. In spite of having several difficulties and hurdles, team Media Designs strive to deliver what we promised and when we promised. Oerlikon, a Swiss MNC is one of our faithful clients. After several videos and different kinds of branding projects, Oerlikon has felicited Media Designs Director, Mr. Tarun Sharma and the team. Oerlikon has awarded us for our impeccable service and commitment.

We value Oerlikon and the promises we made to them. We persevere to be punctual with our deliverables. Our team has worked day and night with sweat and hard work. Even with a short deadline, we make sure that our quality of work does
not go down as is the case with a lot of companies. Team Media Designs have been associated with Oerlikon for more than a decade by earning their trust and giving them what they expect and at the right prices. Today when there are any video, branding or shooting need, Media Designs is the go-to production house for Oerlikon. We are grateful for the addition of such a valuable accolade to our name. We persist until we succeed.
Corporate film for AMP motors by MEDIA DESIGNS
AMP Motors, a leading automotive parts company signed up with Media Designs. Team Media Designs made a corporate video for their automotive anti-vibration parts shot at Gurugram. Our team had the pleasure of working with an excellent client like AMP Motors and was able to deliver a quality video on time to earn much appraisals and applaud from the company. Team MND visits Varanasi for Ayushman Expo 2019 on behalf of AIMIL 'The Hindi' team was found exploring the roads and alleys of Varanasi, looking for the rawest and original Indian ways of living in one of the oldest civilizations in the world. We found the youth and the elder who supported our cause and were happy to offer to talk about our movement and its importance in today's world.
'7 Wonders of India' video by Media Designs played at Thai-India Funfair 2019 held at Bangkok
Team Media Designs flew to Thailand for the Indo-Thai Funfair held at Bangkok on the 16th of February. Our video '7 Wonders of India', in spirit of portraying India in front of a global audience of several thousands, was played on the LED backdrop. It was highly appraised by the people at the festival for intriguing the audience with the beautiful architectural landmarks of of India.
Our team was proud to be representatives of India in such a prestigious event organized by the Indian Social Club of Bangkok. The video helped bring the NRIs of Thailand be closer to their homeland.
The Hindi Sabhyata | Sanskriti | Sahitya What is 'The Hindi'? It is not a language or a religion or even a place. 'The Hindi' is an emotion of being true Bharatiya from the heart. It is a goal, to bring forward India as a beacon for people all over the world, to believe, follow and be inspired from. A movement that took birth from our vision to spread ancient Indian spirituality, tradition and literature, The Hindi is an upcoming web-portal.
Indian values are one of a kind and we persevere to bring the true essence of India to every NRI who misses their country with their heart.
Large format visual graphics for giant size LED screen by Media Designs
Media Designs presents large format, giant-sized visuals for LED screens. We started background visuals, synced videos and graphic visuals for the first time for GPC Medical for their event in Dubai. Since then we have seen a rise in need for large format LED visuals with different countries. We also had the pleasure of delivering these LED background visuals for Indo-Thai Funfair held in Bangkok in February 2019.
Media Designs applauded for circuitronix corporate film screened at Electronica 2018, Germany
Team Media designs travelled to china to shoot for Circuitronix corporate video. The video which
was heavy motion graphics was showcased at Electronica 2018, Germany - a worldwide electronics conference, Circuitronix CEO, Mr. Soumendra Mahapatra praised the video and Media Designs, giving us phenomenal reviews on public forums.
Shortcut You can export multiple video projects through Adobe Media Encoder The Camera BUZZ Media Designs acquires construction time-lapse camera, Brinno BCC200. A camera with 80 days battery life can record a whole project being built in fast-motion.