Questionnaire for Corporate Video Production
By answering these questions, you can help us to create a concept and a plan that suits your needs and achieves your goals in the most cost effective way possible. This questionnaire also plays a big role to decide the budget of desired corporate video production. So kindly consider these questions that affect the cost & concept of video production.

  • What is the purpose of making of videos?
  • Who are your targeted audience?
  • Do you already have a concept, or are we developing one for you?
  • What Major Parts to shoot? Determines which equipment we need………
  • What is your shooting location?
  • Are you provide the location expenses?
  • Do you provide a supportive crew or we hire?
  • Do you want a professional actors or voice- over talent? Or using your own people?
  • How long will we finished video? (Suggested: Shorter is better)
  • Do you need to shoot in HD or standard definition? (Looks great, but more expensive)


The most common question How much a video will cost us.

The Most Common Question asked by any client while discussing about the corporate video production.

How Much Does It Cost To Make A Video??

It would be great if there were a standard formula like

A minutes of video = B Rupees.

But video production involves too many variables and factors for that and need a lot of information to fulfill client’s expectation before we can give you a appropriate quote.

We need to consider important factors like what is the product or service, who are your targeted audience, the number of locations to be covered, the production facility which has to be covered , the time duration of required video, the concept that they are expecting to see and most importantly, a estimated budget, what you can actually invest.

The fact is, there are no. of factors that affect the budget of video production. And you can’t simply choose a company based on quote, because a lower quote – while attractive in this business world – will rarely yield the best video production or result.



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