Media Designs Journey

From the day the first photograph was taken, the field of filming has only moved forward incorporating latest technologies and creativity of thousands of people. The inception of Media Designs was to bridge the gap between top corporates and their clients as well as employees using technology and creativity. We had a mission to inspire, accelerate the growth and transform organizations with our power to tell stories. We were the catalyst to the growing industries.


  1. Genesis (2008-09)
  2. The exciting journey of Media Designs started in 2008 with the purchase of our first ever camera, PD – 170 Sony. Single camera and the passion to conquer the world gained us multiple clients, the very first year of production. The company’s first client was.

  3. The Adventure begins (2009-10)
  4. Being able to set foot in the industry and creating a mark in the very first year, we soon procured some prestigious clients like Swastik pipes and Sky Academy. We constantly strived to improve our services as well as ourselves. In the year 2009-10, we received feedback from our clients and we incorporated the changes in our methodologies required to improve our services. 03

  5. A journey to remember (2010-11)
  6. At every crossroad, from the very beginning, we moulded ourselves to fit the needs of the client and reshape ourselves accordingly. Our dedication and commitment towards our work retained most of our clients and made industry leaders like Oerlikon and Nagata group join our array of customers and trust us with their branding and filming.

  7. Making the cut (2011-12)
  8. In the year 2011-12, we started working for the front-runner in the education industry in India, Delhi University. Another well-known business to be associated with us the same year was Mahavastu. Our initial growth made us more committed towards future endeavors. Our unquenchable thirst for constant improvement led us to constant upgradation. We purchased Canon 70D in 2012.

  9. Becoming tough (2012-13)
  10. Having been survived for 5 long years, by 2013, we were gradually becoming the go-to production house in Delhi for all corporate communication needs of large corporations. We had been successful so far, in retaining more than 60% of our clients. During this year, apart from retaining clients like Nagata Group and Oerlikon, we extended our services to the textile industry with Weavetex.

  11. A quest to Sustain (2013-14)
  12. Adding another camera, Panasonic 1000 HCX (4K) in our production kit, the year started with a bang. We were now equipped with a 4K camera for better quality video production. Few more prestigious clients attached with us but our major achievement was that we acquired clients by reference of our existing clients. New Holland group, PRF, Asian Paints and Tata Genuine Parts became a part of our journey, making it even better.

  13. Progressing towards the future (2014-15)
  14. Spreading our wings and entering new domains of corporate filming, we were progressing towards the future. We led in by making CSR video and animation video for Asian Paints, employee engagement videos, etc along with partnering with big corporates like Carrier Wheels, Masu Brakes, Sparsh Industries, Talbros Group, Go Javas, Hasle Refractories and Putzmeister. Also, we invested in the complete 4K setup in 2015.

  15. Accomplishing the difficult (2015-16)
  16. Under our diverse umbrella of clients, we also procured Ajay pipes, Dee piping, Auth Bridge, GPC Medical, Hi-Tech gears, Kamdhenu Group and Schneider in the year 2015 - 16. Along with acquiring a diverse clientele, we always believed in advancing ourselves technically to stay ahead. We bought Canon 5D Mark III and Go-Pro enhancing our production kit.

  17. Steadily thriving (2016-17)
  18. In a time when drone cameras were majorly outsourced by production houses, we decided to buy one for our complete in-house state-of-the-art setup, and master the aerial filmography. We also enhanced our skills to deliver magnificent quality aerial shots. We produced videos for corporate giants like UFLEX, Aimil Pharma, Profine India, Nipro Pharma, Rodic consultants, RWS Education, Mirha Exports, Eglo Lights and Honda.

  19. Accomplishing the difficult (2017-18)
  20. Towards the end of the year 2017, we purchased GH5 Panasonic Camera. Just three months into the year 2018, we have already acquired AIP Pistons, Marhaba and Election commission of India. We continue to stick to our core values and give more than expected to every client. We are content when we know that every client is satisfied with our service.



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